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Thursday, October 10, 2013
~CT for PinkParadox Productions~
~Kit~ ~BCA: A Girl's Heart~

This kit is a dear one to not only Carrie, but myself.  At the moment, Carrie's mom is battling breast cancer, going through the treatments, the emotional roller coaster, all of if.  One of my dear friends is a Stage 4 breast cancer, which has metastasized to her bones.  My mom is a 12 year survivor of breast cancer, so I completely understand why this was such a difficult kit for Carrie to make.  At first, she wasn't going to make a kit for Breast Cancer Awareness, but her heart just made her do it, and I am so very proud of her.  To all my girls fighting out there, keep fighting like a girl, save those ta-ta's, save 2nd base, and all those slogans.  Please, do not skip a monthly self check, get a mammogram, keep your health in mind at all times.  

With that said, this beautiful kit is for sale now at PinkParadox Productions Store HERE, and 50% of Every sale will be donated to

Here are the CT tags I made using this beautiful kit.  Both use a tube by ZlataM, available at PFD.

Thanks for looking, and as always, use the proper copyrights and license, and all images I designed came from my own mind.


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