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My Blinkie
My Blinkie

My Blinkie

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Thursday, November 7, 2013
~CT for PinkParadox Productions~
~2 tag show off~
~kit is the new Coffee & Cupcakes~
~110 elements, 10 frames, 20 papers; Full of decadent chocolate, coffee, cupcakes, YUMMMMY!!!!~

(click on the image to go get your kit!)

Here are my 2 different show off CT tags:
The first one uses PinkParadox Productions Coffee & Cupcakes, with the beautiful work of Wendy Gerber and her tube:  Capuccino Dream, available HERE

Here is the 2nd tag with PinkParadox Productions Coffee & Cupcakes kit along with a beautiful tube by Zindy, "Still here" available HERE:

~Both artists require the proper license  remember, these came from my own mind.  Thanks for looking!~


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