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Monday, May 26, 2014
~2 tag show off~
~CT PinkParadox Productions~
~Harem Dancer~

This kit is full of not only Arabian style elements and papers, but also a hint of some magic!  155 elements, 11 frames, and 40 (yes! forty!!!) papers!  These range from a beautiful camel, a fun monkey, all the way to a mystical genie! 
You can get your kit HERE: 

The tag below uses the beautiful work of ZlataM, available at PFD.  You must use the proper license and copyright when using her work.

The tag below uses the wonderful work of Alehandra Vanhek, available at PFD.  You must use the proper license and copyright to use her work.

Thanks for looking! Please do not claim these as your own.


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